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New components and ehancements on PrimeFaces 5.0!!

I translated my yesterday blog entry from Japanese to English :)

I checked PrimeFaces 5.0 SNAPSHOT on the Showcase Labs.

There are great components and enhancements, I'd like to use 5.0 as soon as possible!

I note the summary.

New Components


Twitter and Facebook have an infinite scroll feature in the timeline.
DataScroller makes it.

You can see it on Showcase Labs of DataScroll.

There is a list of cars.


You can scroll the browser down.
If your scroll reached under the browser, it automatically read new data.



Actually, this feature is the same of PrimeFaces Extension Waypoint component.

Waypoint component

I posted an entry when I used the Waypoint component before.

Infinite Scroll by using #PrimeFaces Extensions Waypoint.

If you are interested in it, please check my entry. I posted in English.

When I used the Waypoint component, I felt it is little bother.

By contrast this new DataScroller component sample is very simple.

<p:dataScroller value="#{tableBean.carsLarge}" var="car" chunkSize="10"> 
    <!-- panelGrid etc-->

Also, there are other convenient features.

It has a inline mode like following.


I can change the loading way, not automatically but manually.


I think DataScroller is easy to use than Waypoint.


Before I tweeted

And PrimeFaces developer Mr.Cagatay Civici replied ! Wow!

At first, I thought it is kidding :)

But he moved forward...

Finally, ContentFlow component is coming!!!


I'm soooo amazed! Awesome!!!

Twitter is very funny tool, I felt something world wide connection.

I'll use this component, of course :) Love it.


Cache component will make the JSF view rendering more efficiently.

I'm still not sure how it works, what is the inside structure.

They say the Cache component uses ehcache and hazelcast library.

On the Cache on Showcase Labs, you can check the example.


This component has already existed in PrimeFaces Extension :)

But it's coming to PrimeFaces.

It's easy to understand what is the component. Because the behaviro is exactly spotlight.

First, the page is like this.


After submitting save button, the view is changed.


If you want to focus some component, it's useful.


ExceptionHandler helps us to handle exception on ajax request.


But, actually it doesn't make sense for me. I need to use it.

New enhancements

TreeTable Sorting

Recently I often use TreeTable on my project. This enhancement is very helpful.


You click the column.

Ascending order

Descending order

DataTable Frozen Columns

PrimeFaces DataTable has already Frozen Rows feature.
But I always wonder why only rows :q

The time is coming!

The following screenshot show the columns ,model and year, are frozen.



Nice :)

DataTable Column Toggler

You can change the visible columns dynamically.

DataTable header can have a menu for changing visible columns.


If you uncheck, then dynamically column becomes invisible.



I'm looking forward to PrimeFaces 5.0 final release!!!

I read PrimeFaces 5.0 roadmap before.

PrimeFaces 5.0 Roadmap

So it will be coming Mid Spring 2014, maybe :)

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